Saturday, December 13, 2014

Curb Mindless Grazing this Holiday

Pumpkin Pie 
Photo Credit: Jenny 

Worried about packing on the holiday pounds? Do you graze or eat throughout the day? This kind of eating is truly the downfall of losing those extra pounds and do more harm than good. Here are some ideas.

1. Brush your teeth after eating a meal. The clean feeling will not make you want to eat anymore.
2. Drink water or tea after a meal. You will feel as if you are full and be less likely to snack.
3. Do something else and get your mind active with a movie, a book or a hobby. Do not look at pictures of food on the internet because that will only make you hungrier.
4. Don't skip meals. Skipping will only make you hungry and you may eat more later in order to compensate for the hunger. If you know that you are going to be having a large meal in the evening, eat a lighter breakfast and lunch but do not skip any meals.
5. Exercise more. While you exercise, you will not be eating and it keeps your mind off food.
6. Get rid of the unhealthy food in your fridge. Stock your cupboards with healthy snacks. When you are done cooking in the kitchen accept that you cannot go back in the room. You are finished with the kitchen so close it off for the night.


  1. Great tips! I will use these over Christmas. I tried brushing my teeth right after meals and find that it really helps! Thanks, Jenny and David!

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