Monday, April 24, 2017

Where I have been

It has been an extremely long time since I lasted posted. So where has Jenny from Nutrition and Mindfulness been? 

I graduated from Lawrence University with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a minor in Japanese, I worked at a restaurant as an apprentice pastry chef for 11 weeks during the summer in Frederick and then went to London to go to culinary school. Culinary school was tough and I felt I was always one step behind everyone. Luckily, I passed the course and the theory and practical exam. I went to Italy with David, came back home, went to Texas for a wedding, baked over 50 dozen cookies for family friends, worked for my father, celebrated Christmas, New Years and my Grandfather's and mother's birthday, and then came back to Frederick. I was hoping to get a bakery job or an office job in Frederick, but that plan failed. I got a part-time job on the side and started to look for jobs outside of Frederick and in the DC area. Luckily, after months of searching, I got a job as an assistant pastry chef in DC.  

I would like to start blogging about various meal ideas and planning. I have inevitably put on the post-graduation 15. While some of the weight is muscle, my waist has indeed increased by at least three inches from all my pastries and baked goods in the past year, and I have started eating way more than I have in the past. I also haven't been exercising like I used to.  Career wise, I am planning to start my own bakery in the future and I would like to hold myself accountable for what goes into my mouth as well as try to inspire others by posting meals.

Link to my online bakery: 

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